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His Excellency the President of the Republic, Head of State,
Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo

« Create the real Congolese middle class »

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« ARSP, sword Arm for the development of a real middle class »

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Purpose of the law on subcontracting

•Grant exclusivity of subcontracting activities to Congolese-owned enterprises, mainly SMEs;
•Develop competitive value chains;
•Contribute to the diversification of the Congolese economy by reducing its dependence on the outside world;
•Strengthen the resilience of the Congolese economy.

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Economy of the Law: its Principles

•Promotion of Congolese SMEs and protection of the local workforce;
•Application of subcontracting rules to all sectors of activity, unless otherwise provided by law;
•Reserve subcontracting activities to Congolese natural or legal persons whose capital is at least 51% owned by Congolese national preference;
•Possibility of payment to subcontractors of a deposit of 30% of the contract.

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Implementation of the Act: Mechanisms

•Outreach and Awareness-raising: ongoing campaign;
•Registration of Subcontracting Companies;
•Monitoring of subcontracting activities;
Capacity building of subcontractors

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DRC: ARSP publishes on its website the list of 1,200 companies deregistered from the subcontracting market in the city province of Kinshasa

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The Regulatory Authority for Subcontracting in the Private Sector, "ARSP" is a public establishment governed by Law No. 17/001 of February 08, 2017 setting the applicable rules to subcontracting in the private sector and its implementing measures.

Identify and approve

Identify and approve companies eligible for subcontracting according to their areas of activity.


Enforce the rules governing subcontracting activities.


Promote small and medium enterprises(SME) with predominantly Congolese share capital.

Informal to formal

Bringing Congolese companies from the informal sector to the formal one.

Compliance with contractual commitments

Ensure compliance with the required conditions in the contract closure of subcontracting.

Local content

Design, ensure the implementation and monitoring-evaluation of the national policy as well as the sectoral policies of local content.

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The strategic vision of the Regularization Authority revolves around the main axes of the roadmap of its action.
Are you doing Subcontracting activities?

Register to be fully complied with the law.

Do you own a core business?

You are required to send to ARSP the list of all your
subcontractors and the turnover achieved with them.

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